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3 bite-sized surprises for your Monday…

CareSaver CEO John Berry shares 3 surprising thoughts for your Monday.

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Apple is bigger than Australasia. Apple is currently the largest US company by market capitalisation at US$1.84 trillion (the top spot is an ongoing see-saw between Apple and Amazon).  This puts Apple’s size larger than all Australian and New Zealand listed companies combined.  Apple is more than 15x bigger than all listed NZ equities and 1.25x bigger than Australia’s. You can replace “Bigger than Texas” with “Bigger than Australasia” (though it’s not quite as catchy). 

Tesla is the world most valuable car company and it’s now bigger by a long way. With a market cap of US$266 billion, Tesla is 10x bigger than Ford. In fact, it is twice as big as Ford, General Motors and Volkswagen combined. (Toyota is the second largest, but is dwarfed by Tesla, which is 1.6x bigger).  It’s also worth noting that it’s bigger, and better, – the Tesla share price has tripled this year, while Ford, Toyota, General Motors and VW are all down… Tesla is the Amazon of the world’s car industry.

Lowest rates ever in history. The 10-year US government yield has fallen to all-time, multi-century lows. The US economy has been through recessions, depressions, market crashes, wars and other left-field shock events, but never before have yields been so low. Exactly how low can they go?  I am afraid to ask…

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