Business should have a social purpose

john HeadshotsTRY sq John Berry Less than 1 minute read

Many companies have a sustainability focus and achieve great things for New Zealand. But equally there are companies that do harm.

It may be social harm – there are more than a hundred exploitive employers on the Labour Inspectorate’s ‘blacklist’ for breaching minimum employment standards. Others cause environmental harm; the worst in recent times was the grounding of the container ship Rena on the Astrolabe Reef near Tauranga, spilling 350 tonnes of oil into the ocean. Diamantis Manos, managing director of the company which owned the Rena, apologised to New Zealanders. But that’s no help to the 2500 sea birds killed and the serious damage to local ecology caused by the wreck.

See more of John’s article here: https://good.net.nz/article/responsible-investment-with-john-berry

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