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CareSaver – Active management doing what it should

New KiwiSaver provider CareSaver is claiming a win for active, ethical management as its funds beat competitors through the Covid-19 market turbulence.

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Morningstar has released new data showing that on average, KiwiSaver conservative funds were down 2.98% in March, balanced down 8%, growth down 10.56% and aggressive down 11.91%.

Over the three months to the end of March, conservative funds were down 2.12%, balanced 8.95%, growth 12.39% and aggressive 14.86%.

ANZ’s conservative fund fell 1.7% in the first quarter, Milford’s 3.9% and Booster’s 7.5%. At the same time, CareSaver returned a positive 1.8%.

In balanced funds, CareSaver lost 3.6% compared to 7.4% for Fisher Funds, 8.6% for ANZ and 10% for Milford.

CareSaver chief executive John Berry said investors in CareSaver have benefited from its funds’ active approach to investing, their ability to respond quickly to market developments and their focus on companies with strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials.

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