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Charity Partner Update

We are often meeting up with our charity partners and want to keep you up to date with their good work.  Here’s a quick overview of seven of our recent catch ups.

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We caught up with Forest & Bird CEO Kevin Hague who shared with us challenges that NZ wildlife faces from climate change – ranging from warmer alpine temperatures allowing stoats to move higher (potentially decimating affected kea nests) and yellow eyed penguins having to swim further for food for their young as water temperatures warm.  

We met the Heart Kids team and heard about their awesome work.
12 babies are born every week in New Zealand with a heart condition and Heart Kids supports these babies and their families. We somehow found ourselves forming a team to plunge into 10-degree waters for 6 minutes as part of their 360 Heart Stopper Challenge – and raised $2,000 in 2 days for the Heart Kids cause! This will provide up to 50 hours counselling for heart kid families, 60 Teddy-Bears helping suppress post-surgery coughing or 200 meals for families during their stay in hospital.

The Mental Health Foundation supported thousands of workplaces, schools and community groups explore their way to wellbeing during Mental Health Awareness Week in September. We are big supporters of using the Five Ways to Wellbeing to help people stay mentally well.

1. CONNECT / ME WHAKAWHANAUNGA (talk and listen, be there, feel connected).

2. KEEP LEARNING / ME AKO TONU (embrace new experiences, see opportunities, surprise yourself).

3. TAKE NOTICE / ME ARO TONU (remember the simple things that give you joy).

4. BE ACTIVE / ME KORI TONU (do what you can, enjoy what you do, move your mood).

5. GIVE / TUKUA (your time, your words, your presence). Posters with these awesome messages for your workplace can be ordered – just click here.

Rainbow Youth visited for a lunchtime workshop and shared the challenges for the LGBTQ community in NZ – a valuable opportunity for us to hear different perspectives.  

This month is Vegetarian Awareness Month and the NZ Vegetarian Society is promoting 31 recipes from around the world.  Eating less meat is a simple and effective way of reducing our impact on the environment, as well as being a healthier choice.

The Tania Dalton Foundation hosted an amazing fund raising night.  The Foundation was set up to ensure Tania’s passion for sport and life lives on (Tania was a Silver Ferns star and TV commentator who tragically passed away 2 years ago). Through scholarships and mentorship, the Foundation  supports youth from all circumstances and stages of development, to unlock their talent and be their best selves. Tania’s son Charlie gave an incredible speech sharing his views on teenage resilience. Magic!

For almost 30 years the NZ Drug Foundation has been working to reduce alcohol and other drug harm.  Whatever your personal views on the medicinal and recreational/adult use of cannabis, New Zealand will be having a referendum on recreational cannabis in 2020.  The NZ Drug Foundation explained to us how they are promoting discussion and awareness of the issue. What views do you, your family, your partner and/or your friends have? And why? Let us know by email or by calling – we’re interested in our supporters’ views on the referendum.

 (Under our Ethical Investment Policy, CareSaver is currently able to invest in medicinal but not recreational cannabis companies).

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