Giving is good - 2021 Charity updates

Your partnership with Pathfinder offers the unique opportunity to benefit from our growth because 20% of our management fee goes to the charities we've engaged with.

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We have some great news to share. Our charitable donations exceed $100,000!

Pathfinder has grown to $80 million and we’re very excited about the commitment from our fast-growing number of members.

Our model for giving: Pathfinder is run as a social enterprise model. Every investor selects one of our 17 charity partners when they sign up. We then pay 20% of our KiwiSaver management fees to their chosen charity.

In the year to 31 March 2021, we are giving $101,950 to our charity partners (up from $15,000 a year ago). We hope to be donating more than double this amount next year.

Below is a list of our charities and the amount they will be receiving.

  • Forest & Bird: $25,750
  • Rainbow Youth: $5,050
  • Mental Health Foundation: $12,250
  • Melanoma New Zealand: $2,500
  • Garden to Table: $8,150
  • Everybody Eats: $1,850
  • Mens Health Trust: $8,050
  • Arthritis NZ: $1,750
  • Youthline: $7,800
  • Plunket: $1,500
  • NZ Vegetarian Society: $7,700
  • Chalky Carr Trust: $1,200
  • Breast Cancer Cure: $6,200
  • Tania Dalton Foundation: $550
  • Project Jonah: $5,750
  • Leadership NZ: $450
  • Heart Kids: $5,100
  • Drug Foundation: $350

In addition to the $101,950 above, we have donated an additional $14,500 across a range of charities which have included some in our charity family and others like the NZ Anti-Vivisection Society and 9 Lives Cat Orphanage.

That takes our total donations for the year to 31 March 2021 to just over $116,450.



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