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Pathfinder a leader in responsible investing

This latest award follows Pathfinder’s win at the Sustainable Business Network taking home the Social Impactor Award.

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Pathfinder Asset Management bolstered its reputation as a leader in ethical investing winning the 2020 Responsible Investment Fund Manager of the Year Award.

The achievement was announced late last year at the Good Returns Fund Manager of The Year Award 2020, Powered by Research IP.*

Pathfinder’s Global Water Fund was also named a finalist for the Alternatives Fund of the Year. In 2019, the Global Water Fund was the winner for this category.

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This latest award follows Pathfinder’s win at the Sustainable Business Network taking home the Social Impactor Award.

Pathfinder CEO John Berry said the awards recognised the fund manager’s integrity in the ethical investment space.

“We are determined to set high standards around ethical investment in the industry. We want to show how this can lead to better long-term returns as well as better outcomes for the planet.”

While ethical investing, especially across the ESG space (environmental, social and governance), is seeing an encouraging increase worldwide, Berry said there was a lot of greenwashing that was taking place.

While many fund managers are using sector exclusions for the basis of making their funds ‘ethical,’ Berry said Pathfinder was going the extra mile, actively selecting companies and stocks that were ESG friendly.

He said that ultimately resulted in outperformance for the funds.

Pathfinder’s KiwiSaver brand CareSaver is second-ranked across Conservative, Balanced and Growth funds for the year to the end of December 2020.

It’s signature Growth Fund returned more than 22% after fees but before tax. (See full performance charts here)

“Fund Manager of the Year Awards were announced by Good Returns Powered by Research IP on 4 December 2020. These awards should not be read as a recommendation by Research IP. For further advice on the relevance of this award to your personal situation, please consult your authorised financial adviser, or visit https://research-ip.com/awards/

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