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The Switch That Makes A Difference

Discover how we choose our charities

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Switch to CareSaver and 20% of our fee goes to a charity of your choice. So your KiwiSaver Plan is not only working to benefit you, it’s helping others at the same time.

At CareSaver we have partnered with 17 charities which have a focus on improving our environment and communities. 

Here’s how we choose who to partner with:

Identify causes: We built a matrix of issues New Zealander’s care about – this included, for example, infant health, mental health, our forests, our oceans and healthy diets.  We have focused on issues in New Zealand rather than globally.

Identify charities:  We researched charities that were helping solve each issue, with a view to selecting one charity for each part of the matrix.  We considered these charities based on our PRIME criteria – Purpose, Reach, Impact and Mana Enhancement. 

Partnering:  We contacted a number of charities and are excited to have had 17 come on board and partner with us.   The sign off process for us involved review by our Ethics Committee (chaired by one of our directors, Anya Satyanand.  Anya is CEO of the Princes Trust, a charity with a youth development focus).  

We do get asked why some well known charities are not with us.  The reasons for this include that we may not have wanted more than one charity focusing on a particular cause, or because the charity has a global (not local) focus or because some charities for their own reasons did not want to partner with CareSaver. (This may have been because it would conflict with their existing sponsor arrangements or the timing just wasn’t right for them).  We may over time add more charities – but we are very mindful of not diluting the focus on our current charity partners. What is more likely is doing one-off campaigns with some high impact charities…. watch this space!

Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

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