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We’re focused on growing a KiwiSaver that is much more than purely making good investment decisions. CareSaver is also about supporting causes that positively impact our communities and our environment. Causes that matter to Kiwis.

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We’re on a mission to engage with individuals and groups who are working to improve the future for our planet and its people. Anthea Madill is definitely one of those people.

We met Anthea at the One New Zealand conference in Wanaka last November and heard about her amazing project, Remix Plastic. It’s impossible not to feel her passion for sustainability – she’s a fantastic communicator and well connected within environmental circles all over the country.

Anthea and CareSaver have been collaborating for almost 6 months now and have produced some serious goodness through her connections and passion. She recently wrote a blog about ethical finance, which made the subject of investment relevant and relatable to everyone.

Anthea is the Creative in Residence with Christchurch City Libraries, which houses five 3D printers. You might not know it, but 3D printers produce a bit of waste, in fact a lot of waste. Anthea saw this as an opportunity and made it her mission to recycle this waste into useful new products. She produces a range of products like combs, soap dishes, and more relevant to this story, earrings.

During lockdown, we saw Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Health Director General Dr Ashley Bloomfield on our screens daily. The updates made for compulsive watching in most households across the country, sharing the collective relief as the data showed how the country was coping. Among the great news for our country was great news for Anthea – our Prime Minister was wearing Huia feather earrings made by Anthea from 3D printer waste. And they looked marvelous.

Anthea has since hired two employees and has orders running out the door. She’s catching up on a five-week order book! There’s no shortage of raw materials though, the plastic waste lying around from 3D printing alone will make thousands of pairs of earrings. With orders piling in, the overseas markets took an interest too. However, Anthea has stuck to her ethical guns in the face of increased revenue, releasing a statement that “to sell the earrings internationally would be repeating the tragedy of the extinction of the huia – using NZ’s precious resources as an international fashion accessory”. Instead, Anthea has set up a Patreon page where overseas customers can still fund her sustainability work through buying “virtual” products.

At CareSaver we love stories of success.  Investing in ethical companies that generate a good return.  Hearing about the great work of our charity partners. Hearing about the success of fellow Kiwis like Anthea. She’s innovative, works hard, generously shares her time and is on a sustainability mission – she deserves her success. We’d argue that, made from 3D printer waste, they are NZ’s coolest and most sustainable jewelry item!

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