Let's get ethical: Putting your money where your morals are

19 January, 2024

50 min Listen

An ethical debate on the pros and cons of tech giant Apple

Investing in a way that aligns with your values, investing is just like how you spend your money as a consumer, it's a form of activism. Your ethics or values may not be the same as your best mates. So, check your investments and make sure they reflect YOUR values. And this podcast will help you work out how.

This podcast brought to you in partnership with The Curve and the FMA (Financial Markets Authority) was made for World Investor Week in October 2023.

It’s World Investor Week! To celebrate we’re partnering with the FMA (the investing-police) to share a really important (and interesting, we promise) episode about ethical investing. While some people are in this game for the big bucks alone, others want to channel their money into companies they believe in. Or, at the very least, companies that aren’t actively damaging our planet or the people on it. It’s a complex topic, full of personal preferences and endless balancing acts, but we’ve come up with a way to keep things simple and streamlined (spoiler: it’s a cute little pyramid).