What we’re doing about climate change

John Berry

18 April, 2023

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Investments that change the world

Climate change is recognised as a massive issue in Europe, in fact in the European elections 48% of voters said climate change was their top concern!  Heatwaves through Europe this summer turned many towns and cities into a furnace. It’s not new for Europe – the heatwave of 2003 is estimated to have killed around 70,000 people. 

Looking into the future, the British Met office calculates that in 20 years the killer summer of 2003 will be very common. Not only in Europe, but globally, the heating planet has implications for everything from demands on our health system to building design. These measures are about ‘adaptation’ – adjusting our current infrastructure and cities to deal with a warming world. Adaptation is really important, however ultimately there’s no substitute for finding ways to cut emissions. 

As consumers all of us can help contribute to emission cuts through our spending and investment choices. At Pathfinder we measure the ‘carbon intensity’ of our funds, which is around [80]% lower than the global market average and we invest in companies preparing for a future low carbon economy.

Photo by Li-An Lim on Unsplash

John Berry

John is committed to making ethical investment accessible to all NZ investors. Before co-founding Pathfinder in 2009 John worked in law firms and investment banks in Auckland, London and Sydney. He has a BCom/LLB(Hons) from Auckland University and is a board member of Men’s Health Trust. In 2023 John was awarded as the Sustainable Business Networks Sustainability Superstar.