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First Solar

About this company

First Solar is a company that manufactures solar panels and provides utility scale solar power plants.

What makes this business ethical?

Traditional ways of generating energy are carbon intensive and use fossil fuels and actively contribute to climate change. First Solar both develops and manufactures solar panels and builds (photovoltaic) solar power plants, therefore increasing the availability of renewable energy and the efficiency of solar panels. Their Responsible Solar principles guide how they treat employees, manage their environmental impact and operate their business.
Their photovoltaic semiconductor is 90% recyclable.
This investment speaks to our first principle: Think Holistically.
Consider the broad impact of our decisions, insist on the rights of humanity and nature to co-exist in a healthy, supportive, diverse and regenerative way.

Why Pathfinder invested

We tilt our portfolio towards companies whose operations align with our positive investment themes and with our financial investment criteria. By investing this way, we also have the opportunity to promote renewable energy and innovative energy technology within our portfolio. By developing effective renewable energy technology, First Solar helps to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and therefore help mitigate climate change.

How will your investment in this company impact their business?

By investing in First Solar, Pathfinder is supporting innovative development of solar technology that goes beyond renewable energy and takes the lifecycle of the solar product into account. Investors support establishing solar infrastructure and research and development into the future of solar energy.

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