Impact Stories

About this company

A comprehensive water treatment engineering company.

What makes this business ethical?

Organo is committed to providing environmentally friendly products and services that contribute to water environment conservation and global warming prevention through cultivating optimization technologies with water.

They respect human rights, diverse values, and individuality while promoting the creation of a workplace where each and every employee can grow and flourish.

They carry out corporate activities with integrity and fairness, emphasizing dialogue and cooperation with all stakeholders.

Why Pathfinder invested

Organo has an ESG (environment, Social and governance) framework they use to realise their goal of helping contribute to a sustainable society. Their share price has increased by 35% per annum in the past three years (3-Year annualised at 31 Aug 2022).

How will your investment in this company impact their business?

Investing in Organo means supporting their ability to develop water technology; connecting the life-sustaining resource of water with developments in societal infrastructure. In practice this means the pursuit of technologies in separation, purification, analysis, and engineering related to water treatment, and the combination of these technologies to provide optimal systems and services that meet the needs of society.

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