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About this company

Sharesies is a wealth development platform designed with the purpose of creating financial empowerment for everyone

Their mission:

To create equal financial opportunity for those with a lot, or a little to invest.

What makes this business ethical?

According to Sharesies, finances and investing have been exclusive and inaccessible to a large portion of the population. People have been priced out, jargoned out, and left out of the opportunity to develop their wealth. Financial inequalities emphasize disparity within communities.

Sharesies platform gives people the confidence and control to invest with support and learning from the platform itself. By giving everyone the opportunity to invest (without the financial barriers), Sharesies aims to create a community of financially empowered people, helping to develop a sustainable financial future for everyone.

Why Pathfinder invested

Creating a sustainable financial future for Aotearoa is part of having good mental and physical health. At Pathfinder we have an all-encompassing view of health and wellbeing, which means we focus on all aspects of developing an equitable, healthy future for people and planet. Sharesies allows everyday investors to have access to the stock market, breaking down the barriers to investing – and we want to support access to a sustainable financial future.

How will your investment in this company impact their business?

We invested when Sharesies was raising funds to grow, our investment (along with others) helped expand their reach and enabled them to financially empower a greater audience.

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