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Orange Bonds: Women's Livelihood Bond 5

About this bond

Issued to fund enterprises focused on advancing gender equality through investing in women-owned and women-led enterprises.

What makes this bond ethical?

Investing with a gender-lens is an approach to investing that considers gender-based factors across the investment process to close the gender gap. The Women’s Livelihood bond 5 has been labelled an 'orange' bond as UN Sustainable Development Goal #5 - Gender Equality - has an orange hue.

Investing in female education and empowerment is positively correlated to positive climate outcomes.

A growing body of evidence demonstrates that female political leaders are especially effective in creating environmental protection measures and more likely to ratify climate protective laws and treaties. (ref: GreenBiz Article)

Why Pathfinder invested

These Bonds deliver stable returns and sustainable impact to investors. They provide investors with diversification benefits and empower women in emerging markets to advance climate action, economic growth, and community resilience.

How will your investment in this bond impact their aim?

The proceeds of this Women’s Livelihood Bond™ 5 will be used to make loans to high-impact enterprises in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and the Philippines that operate across six sectors: microfinance, small & medium enterprise lending, clean energy, sustainable agriculture, water and sanitation, and affordable housing.

Invest in Orange Bonds: Women's Livelihood Bond 5