Impact Stories

About this company

Developed a hyperfine merino wool adhesive bandage – designed to tackle the plastic waste problem caused by bandages.

Their mission:

To heal you, without hurting the world.

What makes this business ethical?

Plastic waste is an on-going problem that impacts climate change and nature. Producing plastic creates extreme amounts of carbon dioxide, and plastic breaking down contaminates the environment and poisons wildlife.

By producing medical plastic bandage alternatives, Wool+Aid are offering a solution to part of the plastic waste problem and a renewable, regenerative alternative to plastic bandages.

Why Pathfinder invested

Smaller and earlier-stage companies like Wool+Aid carry more financial risk than larger listed companies. But they deliver the opportunity for more impact through revolutionary ideas and products. The outcome of this company is innovative biodegradable bandages that effectively take plastic out of the environment.

How will your investment in this company impact their business?

Our investment has directly enabled Wool+Aid to grow their business locally and overseas and to commercialize their product and continue product development.

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