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market bumpy

Don't freak out

By John Berry and Lily Richards on | 2 min. read

 How to deal with bumpy markets. 

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What are the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

By John Berry on | 1 min. read

And why do they matter? 

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Quiz: What does your money style say about you?

By Lily Richards on | Less than 1 min. read

Take our quiz to discover how your money style influences your investment decisions and what you can do to maximise your returns and honour your values.

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Why I take my Kiwisaver seriously

By Mireia Muller-Pallares on | 6 min. read

Fast forward 10 years, and it still pains me to think about all the returns I have missed out on.

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Should Blackrock worry us?

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

Most people probably haven’t heard of Blackrock, yet it’s the world’s largest asset manager, looking after an astonishing US$10 trillion for its clients.

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Has passive investing failed during Russia's invasion of Ukraine?

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

If an index allocates to Russia, then the index investor is exposed to Russia.

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Climate action has changed investing forever

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

The reality of climate change is challenging business models

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Facebook plunge highlights the value of ethical KiwiSaver investments

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

“In 2022 it’s no longer OK for corporates to manufacture short-term profit by creating harm.”

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Should you switch your KiwiSaver from growth to conservative?

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

To be in this top 20 per cent of households, you now need worth of $1.1m.

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Investing's trillion-dollar question

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

In January, Microsoft stunned the gaming industry by announcing it was buying game publisher Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion.

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Kiwis expect their investments to have a moral compass

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

Previously if you wanted sustainable or green, investments, you were often seen as fringe or even an oddball. Now it's the new normal.

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How to ensure you're investing ethically, in light of the Russian invasion

By John Berry on | 3 min. read

Can you be a responsible investor and still hold Russian government bonds or Russian companies? 

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