Finding your way to investing in better

19 January, 2024

3 Minute Read

RNZ’s Nine to Noon host Kathryn Ryan interviews John Berry on helping others find their way to investing in better.

“If you are going to market yourself as an ethical investment fund you need to prove it” says Kathryn Ryan as she interviews co-founder, CEO and ‘SBN Sustainability Superstar’ John Berry about how he goes about proving you can invest ethically and still get good returns.

Some key topics of discussion include:

What being a B Corp means and why Pathfinder was so keen to be part of it. “B Corp is about doing capitalism better” says John.

What John wanted to do when he found out the Kermadec trench, the deepest trench in the ocean, was discovered by scientists to be filling with human junk.

The difference between a conventional fund and an ethical fund and how Pathfinder structure our funds to ensure investors are still getting the best they can for their retirement.

Why companies that consider ESG are usually better for staff and are more productive.

Why Pathfinder believes in supporting impactful charities and how this impacted finding a partner to grow with.

The difference it would make to New Zealand if more KiwiSaver providers invested in local private companies that are making a positive difference. “Imagine if 2-3% of the $94 billion in KiwiSaver was invested in private New Zealand companies that were making money for shareholders and also solving problems”.