How to avoid investing in companies that test on animals

Ana Dermer

24 October, 2023

35min Listen

How to avoid investing in companies that test on animals with The Curve and Tara Jackson, NZAVS

According to the New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS) approximately 300,000 animals are used for research, testing and teaching in New Zealand every year. This podcast from The Curve Green Mini Series will help you understand how you can avoid investing in companies that are still implementing these practices.

Tara Jackson, Executive Director at NZAVS has a strong passion for animal rights, human rights, and environmental protection and has extensive knowledge of the animal experimentation industry.

“Some of the things I read about sound like a story book they are so shocking… we still breed cats and dogs in New Zealand just to use for science. For instance, feeding dogs possum that’s eaten 1080 to see what effect it has on them”.

Tara also talks about the cosmetic industry and the rampant animal testing that still happens. So yes, it makes for some difficult listening at times, but it also helps us understand how we can make a difference and ideally puts fire in our bellies to do something about it (like investing ethically).

“I’m one of those lucky people where my anger turns into energy, which turns into passion which keeps me going and makes we want to fight even harder” says Tara. “Science and ethics can go hand in hand - we can be ethical while we learn – that’s what we [NZAVS] advocate for’.

Just like investing in ethics can go hand in hand - when you combine them it’s even better. NZAVS is one of the charities you can support when you pick Pathfinder for your KiwiSaver.

LISTEN to the episode three in the mini series here.

Ana Dermer

Ana is a marketing and communications specialist with a strong design and sustainability background that spans over 20 years. She is passionate about helping good companies promote good in the world as a way of staying positive about the future and leaving a legacy for future generations. She has Bachelor of Commerce and Diploma in Multimedia Design from the University of Otago. She has also completed courses in interior design, skiing and photography - her favourite hobbies.