How to invest smarter not harder

22 February, 2024

41 min Listen

Buffy Ellen shares her top investing tips openly and honestly

In her second interview with The Curve, Buffy Ellen goes into detail. She covers cool companies, sectors she’s looking into, stocks that have done well and ones that haven’t. She talks about how to find companies to invest in and what to look for if you want to do it ethically.

Vic, Sophie and Buffy discus the difficulty in finding a ‘perfect’ company - ones that are doing great things and adding to people’s lives while weighing up the pros and cons of their supply chain. They cover diversification, trends, keeping your eye on new opportunities and how to adjust your portfolio if you dislike the route a company is taking. She also mentions how she started a KiwiSaver for her kids.

When it comes to investing Buffy suggests “Have the confidence to give it a try. You'll never learn about it until you try. But if you're feeling unsure then go with a fund as opposed to going with your own Sharesies type thing”. She likens it to cutting your hair – you might give yourself a small trim, but you’d probably use a professional if you were going all in.

A little bit about Buffy

Buffy was a Financial Research Analyst for eight years before launching Be Good Organics. She shares her time between Auckland and Waiheke with her partner Tony (an Ethical Investment Advisor who loves his stocks), their four kids and two Burmese cats.

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