Infratil - a stand out performer

13 February, 2024

2 mins

This Kiwi company is our top trans-tasman holding

What does the company do?

Infratil is an infrastructure investment company that actively invests in things that societies need now and will need more of in the future. In the category of now, think things like renewable electricity, data centres and telecommunications networks. In the category of later, think things like diagnostic technology that detects illness early.

Why are we invested?

Infratil has been a stand-out performer among the large New Zealand companies this year and is our top Trans-Tasman holding. Infratil’s portfolio aligns well with our investment in datacentres and renewable energy, with wind and hydro investment across the globe and in New Zealand.

For example, Infratil has a significant stake in US based Longroad Energy. This investment is expected to benefit from the Biden administration’s clean energy and climate legislation, called the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) which encourages energy renewable developments with the US government providing tax credits to solar/wind/storage developments in the order of 30 – 50%, depending on if the projects meet certain requirements (such as being ‘made in the USA’ to encourage local production). This is clearly super charging the US renewable energy market, with Infratil set to ride the growth wave.

Pathfinder Funds that include Infratil
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