Microsoft – good investment or amazing deep fake?

19 December, 2023

41 min Listen

An ethical debate on the pros and cons of investing in tech-giant Microsoft

Listen to our latest ethical miniseries podcast brought to you by The Curve. In this episode passionate Microsoft fan Vic goes head-to-head in an ethical debate about Microsoft with Alison George, from Australian Ethical – a company a lot like Pathfinder on the other side of the ditch.

Deep dive into the pros and cons of this multi-(multi)-billion-dollar company. The risks of facial recognition vs carbon neutral data centres; increased productivity vs who’s responsible for the recycling.

AND if you would like to find out what kind of investor you are, try this quiz we've put together with The Curve. It's such a great way to find out what your values are and what kind of companies you might like to invest in.

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