Transferring Australian Super Funds

05 December, 2023

1 Minute Read

If you have lived in Australia and accrued an Australian superannuation you can transfer the balance to your KiwiSaver.

Combining your investment into one fund means you will only incur one set of fees, you also won’t incur New Zealand taxes, it will make keeping track easier, and you may benefit from greater compounding returns.

It's important to note that once you’ve transferred your superannuation savings to New Zealand you may not be able to reverse the decision unless you decide to permanently move back to Australia. And there are some super funds rules that remain even after you have transferred the investment.


1. You can’t use your Australian super funds to purchase a first home in New Zealand.

2. Your one-off transfer won’t count as a KiwiSaver contribution towards that year’s annual Government contribution.

3. You can withdraw your Australian super funds when you turn 60 and are retired (the Australian definition of retired is 5 years earlier than New Zealand). The rest of your KiwiSaver will be governed by the New Zealand retirement age.

4. If you permanently migrate to a country other than Australia or New Zealand, you can’t take your Australian super funds with you.

5. You can’t transfer any UK pension funds that might be in your Australian super fund to Pathfinder KiwiSaver fund.

These rules apply to the lump sum you transfer, but not to any investment returns on that lump sum.

If you are thinking of transferring your Super Fund over, its best to talk to our customer service team about the process, they will be happy to help. Call them on 0800 ETHICAL.