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Our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) contains information to help you decide whether to invest in our funds. We review and update it regularly. Our latest PDS dated 29 June 2023 has been lodged with the Registrar and is available to download here or on request from us. Units in the Funds are issued by Pathfinder Asset Management Limited.

Inception dates: Pathfinder Global Water Fund April 2010 | Pathfinder Global Property Fund June 2015 | Pathfinder Global Responsibility Fund August 2017 | Pathfinder Ethical Trans-Tasman Fund September 2019 | Pathfinder Ethical Growth Fund August 2020 | Pathfinder Green Bond Fund January 2023

It pays to be ethical.

Our managed funds performance table.

Fund1 Month6 Month1 Year3 Years
5 Years
10 Years
Since Inception*
Unit Price
Ethical GrowthVS-2.6%14.2%11.8%3.3%--6.2%$1.26
Morningstar Target Allocation Index: Growth Multisector for New Zealand-1.9%12.4%11.3%4.7%--7.2%
Ethical Trans-TasmanVS0.2%14.8%6.4%0.1%--8.2%$1.40
NZX50/ASX200 Gross Index-1.9%13.4%4.9%2.8%--4.7%
Global ResponsibilityVS-3.9%18.1%19.0%8.2%11.2%-10.0%$1.88
Morningstar Developed Markets Index-3.3%19.2%20.4%8.4%11.4%-11.0%
Global PropertyVS-4.8%12.9%7.8%-2.6%-2.0%-1.4%$1.12
FTSE Developed Markets REIT Index-5.7%12.0%0.3%-3.5%-0.5%-2.0%
Global WaterVS-2.4%21.4%15.9%6.1%9.4%9.2%9.1%$3.37
NASDAQ OMX Global Water Index-5.5%27.2%20.1%6.9%11.1%9.3%9.5%
Green BondVS-1.6%3.9%0.9%---1.2%$1.04
Bloomberg Global Aggregate Index-1.6%4.7%1.6%---3.8%

Past performance is no guarantee of future return. We encourage all investors to seek financial advice prior to making investment decisions. Details of each market index can be found in our SIPO. *Inception dates for each of our funds are stated in our PDS.

Performance and market index comparison as at 30/04/2024 (after fees, 0% PIR)

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The graph below imagines you invested $10,000 at the time each fund started. Hover over the bars to see what your investment would be worth (after fees, before tax) on different dates along the way.

Past performance is no guarantee of future return. We encourage all investors to seek financial advice prior to making investment decisions.

We’re active managers, not passive.

This means we choose the assets in our portfolios, investing with the best ethical and economic performance in mind. We’ve been awarded for quality returns by Research IP, and for ethical investing by Mindful Money & our KiwiSaver funds are certified by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia.

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