Impact Stories

About this company

Building large scale solar farms to increase solar availability throughout Aotearoa.

Their mission:

Harnessing the sun’s energy to power Aotearoa’s zero carbon future.

What makes this business ethical?

Traditional ways of generating energy are carbon-intensive and use fossil fuels; therefore actively contribute to climate change. Lodestone’s solar farms will help Aotearoa reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and provide easier access to clean energy.
Solar energy is renewable, and Lodestone’s solar farms use no water, create no pollution, make virtually no noise and release zero emissions.
Lodestone works with local communities and stakeholder groups to find appropriate locations for their solar farms to both power the way Kiwi’s live and empower the regions they operate in.

Why Pathfinder invested

Lodestone’s goal directly corresponds to our positive investing themes and the implementation of their farms will continue the transition to a lower-carbon world. Part of positively tilting our portfolio means we invest with climate change in mind; compared to the benchmark*, all three of our KiwiSaver funds have less than half the average Carbon Footprint of other portfolios.

*based on data from the MSCI All Country World Index.

How will your investment in this company impact their business?

Our investment contributed to the beginning of Lodestone's construction journey and work began on their first solar farm in Dargaville in 2022.


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