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Award-Winning Ethical KiwiSaver

Delivering top-ranking returns, supporting NZ charities and actively investing for a better world.

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First for returns!

All three of our KiwiSaver funds rank number one for 3-year returns. Proving you don't have to compromise; with Pathfinder you can generate individual wealth and collective well-being.

Performance figures as of 30/09/22, after fees before tax. Data taken from Morningstar’s KiwiSaver Survey September Quarter 2022.

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KS Awards

Awarded Best Ethical KiwiSaver Fund Provider two years running! 

"Another world is possible, we should be thinking about it all the time."
This quote by Noam Chomsky perfectly expresses why we launched the Pathfinder KiwiSaver Plan in 2019. Winning this award in both
2021 and 2022 validates our work and the drive we have to invest for a better world. 

A huge thanks to our current members for supporting us. And if you're considering becoming a member, we'd love you to join our mission to generate wealth and well-being! 

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We invest to generate wealth & well-being

Through our investing we’re committed to showing you don’t have to sacrifice well-being (for yourself, your family or our planet) to grow your wealth.

1 Month 6 Month 1 Year Since Inception* (p.a.) Unit Price (29/03/23)
Conservative Fund -0.6% 0.3% -0.8% 3.0% $1.1155
Balanced Fund -1.0% 0.7% -1.5% 5.8% $1.2233
Growth Fund -0.9% 0.8% -2.4% 9.0% $1.3508

Pathfinder KiwiSaver Fund Performance after fees, before tax, as at 28/02/23. Past performance is no guarantee of future return. We encourage all investors to seek financial advice prior to making investment decisions. *Our KiwiSaver started in July 2019. Index data from Morningstar. You can find more details about fund performance and the Market Index Index here.

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What's the Pathfinder difference?

Every decision we make is guided by our first principles: #1. Avoid Harm. #2. Do The Right Thing.
Our rigorous exclusion policy means your money won’t be invested in areas of concern such as Factory Farming, Fossil Fuels, Civilian & Controversial Weapons, Whaling and Animal Testing. Click here to check out our full list of exclusions.
We know exclusions alone aren’t going to change the world, which is one of the reasons Mindful Money awarded us Best Ethical KiwiSaver Fund Provider in 2021 & 2022. After we’ve excluded the negative, we actively invest to try and make the world a better, fairer place.

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We donate 20% to Kiwi Charities

Our social enterprise model means that for every KiwiSaver member who joins us, we donate 20% of our management fee to the charity of their choice. Check out how much we donated last year. We are expecting to more than double this in the year ahead.  

Discover our charity partners and learn more about the terrific work they're doing to help protect our oceans, our children's nutrition, our forests and birds, the mental health of our children, fight climate change, and more.

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Our values are Aware, Fair and Care. 

These values guide our investment decisions. We take respect for human rights into account, which can include treatment of staff, customers and suppliers. We care about the treatment of animals and don’t invest in factory farming or animal testing. We believe greater diversity improves decision making, so we invest in listed New Zealand companies that have at least one female board member.

Read more about how our values impact our investment decisions in our Ethical Investing Policy.

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We consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and invest for a better future.

We rate potential investments on how well they score in categories like labour standards, community impact, ecological footprint, shareholder rights and anti-corruption.

We aspire for our investment decisions to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and, as part of our commitment to ethical investment, we are a signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

Read our Sustainability Report          

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We're carbon negative

Pathfinder's KiwiSaver funds are not only carbon neutral, they're carbon negative.  
A low carbon economy is central to our world view and investment objectives – we search for companies with lower carbon footprints or plans for transitioning to a lower carbon world and we raise awareness encouraging others to introduce them.

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This data shows Pathfinder's overall exposure for key sustainability themes (compared to a market benchmark) via The Paris Agreement Capital Transition Assessment (PACTA) tool as at September 2021.

Read our Sustainability Report for full details

We're invested in transparency

We focus on investing in areas that contribute to the UN Sustainability Goals, areas like: renewable energy, energy efficiency, and fair access to safe water.

These companies are some of our holdings; they may change over time.

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private investments

We invest in private companies, doing good in the world.

Lodestone Energy is building NZ’s largest Solar infrastructure network. It will use no water, produces no noise, no pollution, no emissions and will increase NZ’s solar generation by 8 times. Rua Bioscience is committed to helping the world access the power of bioactives for health and healing (and since we started investing Rua has become a listed company on the NZ stock exchange). Wool+Aid have innovated zero-plastic plasters using naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial merino wool. Mentemia is a digital wellbeing platform, the users of which feel 83% more able to manage their stress. 

Read more about our Private Investments

Proudly a B-Corp Business

This is a rigorous certification that's hard to get and means our business meets the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

We won Best For The World 2021 in the Customers category, meaning we are in the top 5% of companies adding value to our customers’ lives while supporting the greater good. 

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Why we chose Pathfinder KiwiSaver

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Our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) contains information to help you decide whether to invest in our funds. We review and update it regularly. Our latest PDS dated 16 December 2021 has been lodged with the Registrar and is available to download here or on request from us. Units in the Funds are issued by Pathfinder Asset Management Limited.

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